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What is a “THC vape?”

Cheap Dank Vapes According to a release issued on October 3 by the CDC, 78 percent of a sample of 514 patients with vaping-related illnesses used THC vapes, in addition to nicotine products. Thirty-seven percent used only THC vapes.

The phrase “vaping THC” most likely refers to vaping a form of cannabis concentrate. Concentrates are basically the result of taking marijuana and extracting all desirable flavors and active chemicals — like THC or CBD.

This oily extract is often sold in a pre-filled vape cartridge. In cartridges, the concentrate could be a cannabis oil (replete with natural flavor compounds and THC, CBD, or both), or they could be filled with a distillate, which is highly refined and contains the cannabinoids THC or CBD and not a lot else.


What is a Dank Vape?

Dank Vapes looks like a real company, but there is no central distributor or manufacturer that makes the products. The New York Times reports that there could be several large enterprises, or “pen factories”, where black market dealers churn out thousands of Dank Vapes and distribute them around the country. But those are just the big players.

Smaller enterprises make Cheap Dank Vapes too and sell them on Instagram, pop-up websites, or Twitter. Mark Hoashi, the founder of the Doja app —  put it this way to Inverse: “These are just people filling cartridges as ‘Dank Vapes.’ It’s not a singular facility. It’s just people in their garages filling them and selling them.”

All these sellers look like the same company because they all use the same Dank Vapes logo that appears on their iconic black boxes.

These black boxes are easily found online

Cheap Dank Vapes

Cheap Dank Vapes Compared To E-Cigarettes

Up until now, we’ve been discussing THC vapes, specifically the black market world of Dank Vapes. While they’ve been used by numerous people with vaping related illnesses, there are still some cases in which people only reported vaping nicotine products, commonly known as e-cigarettes.

The CDC’s October 3 update reports that 17 percent of a sample of 514 patients with vaping related illness said they only used products with nicotine in them.

The most famous e-cigarette company around right now is probably JUUL. JUUL sell nicotine products usually called pods, or the non-brand-specific term, e-liquids. These also contain flavoring agents in addition to nicotine. Before vaping related illnesses struck, JUUL was already in hot water with the FDA for allegedly marketing its products to teenagers. Buy Cheap Vaping Device


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